Dry eyes, contact lenses, glaucoma; what do all of these have in common? Eye drops. An absolute necessity if you are one of the countless individuals afflicted with any of the aforementioned issues. Using eye drops several times on a daily basis is not out of the ordinary; and sometimes in very inconvenient locations, like elevators, trains, cars, or airplanes. Having to use an eye drop bottle in a crowded space is difficult enough. Trying to use it on the move is even harder. Have an unsteady hand? Good Luck. Looking for discretion? Forget it. But now there is a revolutionary way to ensure a perfectly administered drop every time. No more wasted, missed drops, no more poking yourself in the eye. It’s an easy to operate flip-top cap known simply as the EZ Dropper, and it now makes using an eye drop bottle easier than ever.


Safety, efficiency and control; that is the goal of the design. The EZ Dropper’s easy to open flip-top cap provides the user with a comfortable crutch to rest against the bridge of the nose, ensuring optimal distance and accuracy for distributing the eye drops. Control helps to ensure efficiency of the dosage, while providing a safe way to bring the tip of the bottle to your eyes.

Never before has the administration of an eye drop been safer or easier. Safety, Efficiency, Control.

EZ Dropper

Safety, Efficiency, Control